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Here's what you don't know: You are living your fears.

You make decisions based on fear more times than you think.

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"That cannot be true. I don't feel fearful."

Well, when it comes to fear, the opposite is true: when you don't feel fear, that is when you're most afraid. You have been choosing all the safe decisions because you're afraid of choosing those that would make you uncomfortable and afraid.

There's a sure way to tell that you're living your fears - you are unhappy.

Not convinced?

Think about the decisions you've made so far - the friends you hang out with; the school major you picked; the job you're in; the choice to be single or just any day-to-day decisions.

Then as honest as you could be, see how many of the below are true for you:

  • Fear of taking the untrodden path, you chose the one already paved.
  • Fear of disappointing loved ones, you do what they approve.
  • Fear of taking too much time figuring out yourself, you inherited from others.
  • Fear of hard work, you took the easy way out.
  • Fear of falling behind while you explore, you gave up the adventure.
  • Fear of losing, you raced to the destination and skipped the journey.
  • Fear of being not good enough, you settled.
  • Fear you can't make a living out of it, you chose what would pay.
  • Fear of what others might say, you followed the conventions.
  • Fear of going it alone, you went along with others' decisions.
  • Fear of rejection, you chose not to say.
  • Fear you might not succeed, you didn't even try.
  • Fear you might ACTUALLY succeed, you hid your true gifts. Because success is more uncertain than failure.

You have not been living your true desires but your fears, in the name of practicality. Feelings of discontent and unhappiness are actually your greater self, the one that wants you to live your best self calling you out for what you are not doing right.

Fear is a human instinct to help us survive. When there is real danger to our lives, fear trigger our reaction to fight or flight. But modern people, in the pursuit for comfort, have allowed fear to stop them from taking adventures or risks, that pose no real danger to their lives except for feeling uncomfortable.

While fear keeps us safe, it also keeps us from exposing ourselves to possibilities; from achieving our potentials and living the fulfilling life that would make us whole and happy. And the more times you choose safety and comfort, the more you reinforce fear.

Don't let fear keep you from doing what is important to you; would make you better, lift you higher and definitely happier. And have a plan to make it happen. For example, if you want to attract good people into your life, know how to make yourself attractive such as improving your communication skills, knowledge and dress sense, and with no sense of inferiority, approach them. If you hate your current job, find out what job you'd enjoy and then learn to do it and get the job you desire. Because really, what's the worst that could happen that you can't deal with? It's just more work on your part.

Before you know it, life would be near its end. Come that time, would these fears that you have now still matter or would you fear not having lived life the way you truly wanted more?

Live bolder. Because,

"Where fear is, happiness is not." - Seneca

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